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I'm challenging myself to....draw a different thing each day for 21 days

I am taking on Challenge 21 to raise funds to support sick kids who are cared for by the Women's and Children's Hospital.

I am attempting this challenge as a way to give back to the wonderful staff who took care of my newborn son when he fell ill last year, as well as supporting myself and my partner in a truly terrifying time. One of my biggest challenges is time - so what better way to take this on than to carve some out to do something I truly enjoy and wish to improve my skills in, and for a good cause?

The WCH Foundation relies on the generous contributions from the community to brighten the lives of patients and their families and support brilliant care at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Please DONATE NOW and support my challenge.

Thank you.

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My Updates

Update: Challenge Complete!

Sunday 10th Oct
Oh boy, where did these last three weeks go? I had hoped to provide an update earlier this week but after forgetting to post what I had I just couldn't find the time to rewrite it. Ahh well.

My 21 Day Drawing Challenge is complete! I have successfully drawn 21 different drawings in 21 days. There were days I felt like I cut things fine and only just managed to get my drawing time in, and others where I felt like I was able to take my time and really focus. The big takeaway from this challenge, however, is that even when I struggled in some way, shape and form I absolutely loved being able to draw every day, even for just a short amount of time. Reintegrating it properly into my days would be amazing.

So far I have raised almost $700 for WCH Foundation, which is more than I could hope for! There are a few hours left to the end of the day, so I could get over the mark...but regardless, I am so stoked and appreciative of everyone who donated to such a good cause.

I will be filming a flip through of all my drawings, which I will post on my Instagram in the next day or two (@heybluehat). I hope you enjoyed watching my efforts as I progressed through my challenge, and thank you again for supporting WCH Foundation in some way shape or form!

Until next time! -Mel

Update: Week One Done!

Tuesday 28th Sep
Hi all! We are in Week Two of Challenge21 already - how time flies!

So far I have drawn every day for my challenge, but I will admit, it has not been easy... especially when my son and partner came down with colds! Suddenly what little time I thought I had was reduced further. It was an obstacle, but it was an obstacle I'm happy to say I overcame. Now everybody is good and healthy again so that is a load off.

One thing I am aware of is the mental load this is going to take as the challenge progresses; things sometimes don't turn out the way I want them and I need to accept that. After all, I'm not here to produce something perfect, I'm here to show up and do my bit to support the kids who the WCH Foundation cares for. It is a big motivator for me, and I know it will push me through to the challenge's completion.

I have been posting my pages both in my gallery and on Instagram. If you have donated or shared my page, thank you so much! I appreciate every little bit of support that comes my way. If you're considering it, I would truly appreciate it.

That is enough words for is time to draw! Until next time!

What to Draw?

Sunday 19th Sep
It's the eve of the challenge; my sketchbook is adorned with its Challenge 21 sticker, my pencils and pens and other materials are waiting in the wings, ready to go. All I need now is something to draw...but how am I going to choose?

It's all down to chance.

I have a list of 60 possible things to draw - quite a variety. In order to choose from this rather long list, I have devised a system where I roll two dice in order to determine what I'm going to draw. The 60 prompts are divided into three groups.
1. Roll a 6 sided die. 1 and 4 equals Group One, 2 and 5 equals Group Two, and 3 and 6 equal Group Three.
2. Roll a 20 sided die. The number I roll will determine what I'm going to draw. Simple!

I will be regularly updating my fundraising page and my Instagram (@heybluehat) with my pages and my progress. To those participating in a challenge these upcoming 21 days, all the best! Let's do this!

As always, if you decided to donate, thank you! It is most appreciated and certainly goes to a good cause. Until next time! -Mel.

Drawing Challenge: The Details

Thursday 2nd Sep
Hi everyone! I wanted to take the opportunity to provide a bit more context as to what my drawing challenge entails.

For my challenge I will draw something different every day for 21 days. This means I might draw cats one day, dogs the next, bicycles the day after that and so on. Basically I will draw as many of the selected thing in that day as I can, filling at least a page in my sketchbook. I am currently formulating a list and whittling it down - there are a lot of possible things to draw! I would also like to draw some things I have never drawn before, upping the challenge.

My biggest obstacle is time; as much as I like to be creative I have difficulty making the time to do so. I hope by having this extra incentive and raising money for the WCH I will be able to carve out the time for something I truly love doing.

In the coming weeks I will share my list of things to draw, as well as my materials...and come September 20 onwards the drawings themselves! It's all very exciting.

If you have already donated, thank you! If you're thinking about it, I would truly appreciate it. This is a cause close to my heart, so anything I can raise would be truly amazing.

Until next time!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Trish Langdon

Well done Mel! Beautiful drawings for a wonderful cause. x


Mel C

21 dollars for 21 days of drawing C:






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Good on you Mel! Great cause :-)


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A worthy cause :)


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It aint much, but hope it helps a bit.


Alexander Wynn

Hey Bubbles, Vyre here! It's not much, but I'm donating /o/ rock rock on!


Sarah Armour

Love your drawings!


Aaron Slattery

Hey guys, here's a good cause ❤


Wayne Andersen


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Kimberley Andersen

You've got this! Can't wait til I can visit and look through all the drawings :)


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