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My target 51 kms

Starting Sept 20, I'm challenging myself to run 50km in 21 days.

I am taking on Challenge 21 to raise funds to support sick kids who are cared for by the Women's and Children's Hospital.

The WCH Foundation relies on the generous contributions from the community to brighten the lives of patients and their families and support brilliant care at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Please DONATE NOW and support my challenge.

Thank you.

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Monday 11th Oct
Yesterday saw the end of Challenge 21, with the completion of many challenges, most prominently that of young Charlie Roberts (approx. 19 years of age), completing a marathon of 42km (!), at the park next to the Women's and Children's Hospital, where he was welcomed by friends, family and Sam Roberts Family Fund supporters.

Charlie's parents, Marty and Michelle, presented a cheque for $131,000 (!) to fund services to the families of children with life-limiting illnesses in South Australia, via the Women's & Children's Hospital Foundation.

This is an amazing result and, in talking to the representatives of the WCH Foundation at the finale, it is much-needed and appreciated support to the hospital's paediatric palliative care unit.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Challenge 21.

Personally I completed my 51 km challenge on Sunday morning with a pretty sore 3km scamper around my hometown of Hahndorf.

Thank you again!

Penultimate day

Saturday 9th Oct
Tough 8.5km loop at Hahndorf today with mate Marten Kennedy who is much fitter but never completely drops me, while we run together.

A few times this Challenge the good advice from Marty Roberts has come back to me to "persevere".

As I've done all the way through - slow and steady wins the race and I was plenty slow today - averaging 6.5 min/km!

It's been great to have some time to reflect on the life of Sam, and the brief time I spent with him after I moved to SA in late 2003. 

He was a very brave lad and so are his family. 

It's funny what comes back to you when jogging along country lanes. 

I remember having a dream after Sam passed away - all his friends and family were walking around on a beach and Sam was up in the air looking down at them, a kite that had got away, flying on the wind, looking down on all his loved ones.

Tomorrow is the last day and I've got 3km to finish off - should be a doddle.

Thinking of Sam and all the other kids like him at this time.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the Challenge - your contributions are not in vain.

Hahndorf-Mylor “classic” 7km

Saturday 25th Sep
Great little track through the back from Hahndorf to Mylor - 4wd only - creek crossing - then up and out. 

Run down into Mylor was gentle down slope - easy on my aging legs.

Met Jane and kids for coffee at Harvest.

Called for donations today on LinkedIn - with this message. Thanks to all the kind donors.

Wednesday 22nd Sep
Losing a child to a terminal illness is probably something that you, like me, would prefer not to think about.

But for many families in South Australia each year, it is the grim reality.

I've had the privilege to know a family who had to come to terms with such a terrible circumstance.

Martin and Michelle Roberts lost their son, Sam, 15 years ago, to a rare genetic disease that none of us had ever heard of. Their other children, Lucy and Charlie, have also been inspirational in their love for Sam.

Ever since Sam passed away, the family and their friends have been raising funds for other families who find themselves in the same situation - numbering about 50 each year in South Australia.

Sam is now in a better place, but he will never be forgotten by those who knew him, and many others besides.

Please sponsor the Sam Roberts Family Fund, raising funds for the Paediatric Palliative Care Unit of the Women's and Children's Hospital.

My personal challenge is to run 51km in the next three weeks. This will be a stretch for me: I would normally run about half of that!

So think of what you might normally donate to a great cause - and double it :-)

Thank you for your support.

Struggled on Brown Hill loop

Monday 6th Sep
Went out Saturday morning to do a 10km loop on Brown Hill with super-fit brother-in-law Peter.

Struggled on way back with my intermittent heart rate jump thing, but eventually settled down and had a great run in at the end. Some beautiful views from above Waite college.

Peter’s Strava had it down as a “walk” haha…

Good for my overall fitness improvement - not a great time.

The brotherhood!

Tuesday 31st Aug
Great to receive donations from both brothers this week - Damien and Brendan.

On behalf of the team - thanks fellas!


Sunday 29th Aug
Hi all - great to join the team today and fit in a training run in Hahndorf of 5km. 

50km in 21 days, starting Sept 20 is going to be a challenge - I’d normally manage about 30km in that time.

Good luck to everyone on the team!

Thank you to my Sponsors




Parishioners Of St Matthews Catholic Church, Adelaide Hills


Parishioners Of St Matthews Catholic Church, Adelaide Hills


Pat Byrne

Well done dad!


Kieran Kelly

Good luck!


Ric Sachse


Parishioners Of St Matthews Catholic Church, Adelaide Hills


Leonie Holmes

Happy to support such a great cause. Love Leonie


Fasta Pasta And Pasta Deli Matched Donation


Brendan/gail Roberts

Great cause Jem good on you ♥️


Cameron Coventry




Anna Bond


Ben Hogan


Kristine G.

Run Jeremy run. Thank you for bringing attention to this as I cant imagine anything worse than the grief of losing a child.


Tim Standing

With you every one of the 51 kms mate


Bel Irvine

Great cause - nice one Jeremy! :)


Jan Bijlsma

Keep running Jeremy !


Pamela Broadbridge

Good Luck and Well Done




Anne Trengove


Joe Vince

Great cause!


Megan Andrews

Go Jeremy!


Peter & Margaret

Thanks for taking the Challenge - keep up the good work! Xx


Brendan Roberts Jr

Here you go bro!


Damien Roberts


Jeremy Roberts

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