Paddy and Lulu's Gift

By Sophie Dohnt

I am raising funds for the Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation because I want to positively impact the health and wellbeing of women, children, and their families at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. By donating, you will help brighten the lives of patients and their families, supporting brilliant care.

Thank you for considering a donation to my fundraiser. I would really appreciate if you could spread the word by sharing my page with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Thank you in advance for your generosity. It means a lot!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Emily And Dung


Cash Donations From Paddy And Lulus Fundraiser


Cat Menz

You are a wonderful host. Yesterday was so great. Such a special day for a special cause in honor of Paddy and LuLu.


Sophie Dohnt

Donated from “Paddy and Lulu’s gift” fundraiser


Francesca Mcinerney

Thanks!! Great day for a great fundraiser.


Tiffany Schroeder


Rita Carey


Rita Carey


Cat Blaikie


Anita Torr


Rita Carey


Cathy O'grady



Nice one Soph

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