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My target 21 kms

I'm challenging myself to complete 21 Adelaide climbs

I am taking on Challenge 21 to raise funds to support sick kids who are cared for by the Women's and Children's Hospital.

The WCH Foundation contributes more than $2.4 million annually to improve the health and wellbeing of women, children and families under the care of the Women's and Children's Hospital and associated health network.

Please DONATE NOW and support my challenge.

I will be taking on 21 climbs in the last two weeks of the challenge. These climbs in no particular order are:

1. Mt Osmond

2. The Old Freeway to Mt Lofty summit (including Blackburn drive)

3. Cleland carpark access

4. Mt Lofty (Summertown side)

5. Norton Summit

6. Montacute Road

7. Corkscrew Road

8. Lobethal Road from Basket Range to Deviation road top

9. Gorge road

10. Little Italy (Burdettes road)

11. Deviation Road

12. Rangeview Drive

13. Aldgate Valley road

14. Windy Point

15. Coach Road

16. Kensington Road lookout

17. Scott Creek Road

18. Dorset Vale road

19. Sheoak Road

20. Strathalbyn Road (Mylor to Aldgate)

21. Old Mount Barker Road


22. Chambers gully/steub trail 

23. Pioneer Womens/bullock track

24. Winter track/steub trail

I will be aiming to tackle them in as few rides as possible and will update each time I cross off a climb. 

The total elevation will be over 4,800m in just these climbs. With the bonuses this increases to over 6,300m.

Thank you.

So far I have raised enough funds for*


of transport for vulnerable families to get to and from hospital

46 meals

for families experiencing financial hardship

14 sessions

with a Play Therapist to reduce stress and anxiety during their hospital stay

3 pumps

For a new mother to loan when feeding a premature baby

1 nights

at our Laklinyeri Beach House for families receiving end of life care for their child
*quantities are averages and are not measured as a collective

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My Updates


Monday 10th Oct
And just like like that Challenge 21 2022 is done and dusted! This was a hard one mentally and physically, I would never have done that much climbing over such a short period under normal circumstances. Yes, by many cyclists standards it wasn't a massive two weeks, but for me it certainly was.
Some final stats for the nerds out there:
Total distance: 681km
Total climbing: 8890m
Total time: 16 hours, 43 minutes
Total money raised: $555
Big thank you to all those who donated and kept me motivated to push through and finish this challenge. Big congratulations to all the other participants as well.

Ride 8

Monday 10th Oct
My final ride! Ticked off the last 4 climb on the list and what a night for it!
Massive thank you to everyone who has donated to make this worth it.
1. Strathalbyn Road
2. Rangeview Drive
3. Deviation road
4. Cleland access road to Mt Lofty summit
Total elevation for the ride: 1020m
Running total elevation: 8890m

Ride 7

Monday 10th Oct
Another MTB commute today
1. Chambers gully and Steub Trail (#22)
Total elevation for the ride: 779m
Running total elevation: 7870m

Ride 6

Monday 10th Oct
Felt this one after ride 5 the day before... still managed to tick off one climb.
1. Scott Creek Road (#17)
Total elevation for the ride: 691m
Running total elevation: 7091m

Ride 5

Wednesday 5th Oct
Adelaide turned it on tonight! this was the most gruelling ride yet, tackling three of the steepest climbs of my challenge.
1. Kensington road top (to Skye lookout) (#16)
2. Coach Road full (#15)
3. Mt Osmond (#1)
4. The Old Freeway to Mt Lofty summit via Blackburn Drive (#2)
Total elevation for the ride: 1556m
Running total elevation: 6400m

Ride 4

Monday 3rd Oct
Got out to make the most of the weather with some mates to tackle the next main climbs.
1. Norton Summit (#5)
2. Little Italy (Burdettes Road) (#10)
3. Lobethal Road from basket range to Deviation Road top(#8)
Total elevation for the ride: 1145m
Running total elevation: 4884m

Ride 3

Monday 3rd Oct
Legs were feeling heavy today so only did my usual commute, which happens to include the Pioneer Women's Trail and Bullock track climb!
1. Pioneer women's Trail and Bullock Track (Bonus, #23)
Total elevation for the ride: 653m
Running total elevation: 3739m

Ride 2

Friday 30th Sep
Second ride and another 5 rides ticked off! Might need a rest day tomorrow...
1. Windy Point (#14)
2. Sheoak Road (#19)
3. Dorset Vale Road (#18)
4. Aldgate Valley Road (#13)
5. Old Mount Barker Road (#21)
Total elevation for the ride: 1421m
Running total elevation: 3086m

Ride 1

Thursday 29th Sep
First ride down! The following climbs were completed:
1. Gorge Road (#9)
2. Corkscrew Road (#7)
3. Montacute Road (#6)
4. Mt Lofty Summit Road (Summertown side) (#4)
Total elevation for the ride: 1665m
Running total elevation: 1665m

Thank you to my Sponsors



Well done Sam, very inspirational 🧡⚡️


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Well done!


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Go hard in those last few days! You need to make up for my lack of cycling. ;)


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