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I am raising funds for the Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation because I want to positively impact the health and wellbeing of women, children, and their families at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. By donating, you will help brighten the lives of patients and their families, supporting brilliant care.

Marley received amazing care at the Women’s and children’s hospital, and the support to care for him at home. This fundraiser means a lot to our family, you never know when you will need to use it. 

Thank you for considering a donation to my fundraiser. I would really appreciate if you could spread the word by sharing my page with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Thank you in advance for your generosity. It means a lot!

So far I have raised enough funds for*


of transport for vulnerable families to get to and from hospital

270 meals

for families experiencing financial hardship

79 sessions

with a Play Therapist to reduce stress and anxiety during their hospital stay

20 pumps

For a new mother to loan when feeding a premature baby

8 nights

at our Laklinyeri Beach House for families receiving end of life care for their child
*quantities are averages and are not measured as a collective

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Friday 19th Aug
Thank you so much to everyone that has donated or even shared Marleys fundraiser. Marley is currently recovering well, no complications for surgery as yet. He is being incredibly strong considering the operation. It can be very painful. I have mentioned to Marley all of the support and donations he has received so far, and he continues to ask me how much he has raised. Once again thank you to everyone. Also if you would like to join our challenge under Marley team and raise much needed money for the WCH that would be brilliant. Thanks the Enjakovic’s

Marleys journey

Friday 12th Aug
Hi my name is Skye and I’m the proud Mum of Marley, we are a family of four living in Adelaide. 
For the past couple of years Marley has been experiencing frequent coughing and vomiting resulting in finding it hard to breath. We have been in and out of hospital multiple times in what we thought was just asthma. 
In December 2021 Marley became quiet critical and we called a ambulance for him. 
His cough would not stop making it hard for him to catch his breath, at arrival of the hospital his oxygen levels were low and they could hear a lot of secretions in his lungs and ordered a cheats x-ray to check for phenomena. Luckily his x-ray pictures were taken a little bit higher up this time and they realised there was something going on with his oesophagus and his trachea. Marley was then sent to theatre in the 19th of December 2021 for a bronchoscopy . 
I was not expecting the news i was about to receive. 
A few hours pass and I’m nervously waiting for my child to come to recovery I’m starting to feel like this is taking a little longer then thought, Marleys surgeon comes to talk to myself and my husband in recovery with pictures in her hand. 
I instantly start to panic. 
Marley is diagnosed with tracheoesophageal fistula. 
It is a connection from his oesophagus to his trachea, meaning that food, drink and salvia had basically been entering his trachea (airway) and going on to his lungs. 
Children are born with this condition but it is always picked up either in pregnancy or at birth and is operated at a few days old, they are born unable to swallow. 
Marley surgeon couldn’t look down his trachea due to the inflammation so he was sent to ICU with the plan to keep him on strong antibiotics to reduce the inflammation. 
On the 27th of December Marley was sent by royal flying doctor service to Melbourne childrens hospital for a surgical repair, reason why they sent his to Melbourne was because were the connection was it was sitting close to his main artery to his heart and Adelaide doesn’t have a cardiac theatre. 
Before the Melbourne surgeons decided to operate they wanted to have another look in theatre with the cameras again because the previous time it was to inflamed to do so. 
I was so nervous waiting for his to come out and what they would find. 
A few hours later I received a phone call to meet his surgeon at recovery where they pulled a piece of plastic ( a arts and craft plastic flower) from his airway! I honestly couldn’t believe it! This was the whole cause of everything! I was relieved I finally had a answer . We are unsure how long this price of plastic was lodged in his airway, but my guess is at least 5 years as that’s when we started noticing small issues witch became worse over time. 
He was sent back to Adelaide a week later, then we returned to hospital again with the same issues. Unfortunately Marley is not healed as suspected from Melbourne, after the inflammation had settled the connection was still there. A plan was made to have Marley placed on a feeding tube to give his body a chance at healing, and the risk of him eating and drinking makes him aspirate. It made a big difference and his body had done a really good job at healing . But unfortunately it isn’t healing any further. Marley now aged 8 will be undergoing major surgery in Melbourne next Tuesday to repair his airway and oesophagus. 
He honestly is the most strongest kid , he hardly ever complains, he is so brave! He has continued with his sports including a basketball game when he had a feeding tube still in. 
I’m so proud of you Marley, and you have picked the best foundation to fundraise for. 
You never know when something like this could happen to your children, because I never thought it would happen to us. 
Thank you for reading 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Steve From Active Earth Systems

Wishing you a speedy recovery


Dge Electrical Services


Annette Zuanic

I am so proud of you and how strong and brave you have been. It hasn't been an easy year but your positive attitude and kind nature continues to shine through it all. We are all thinking of you and wish you a speedy recovery. We can't wait to have you back at school! Love Miss Zuanic and Room 15


Hayley Peacock

Sending lots of well wishes and love from Room 8, Ms Hayley, Ms Ness & Dot x


Natalie Larke

All the best for your recovery Marley! 💙🖤🤍🙏


Alison Smith

Best wishes to Marley, you shall overcome, and strength to your family. Your mum is a great hairdresser!



You’re a brave kid Marley. All the best. You’ll be back playing footy with your mates in no time.


Family Klacar


Tony Faulkner

Good luck with your recovery Marley


Atiq Muhammad

I hope you recover soon


Christopher Atsikbasis

All the best Marley!




Lai Group

Well Done Marley on suporting a great cause. Truely Inspiring!!! all the best from the Lai Team :)


A Feike


Nick P.

Good luck Marley!!






Broni Traianos




Good luck little boy, I'm so sorry you went through this terrible experience but things are going to get a lot better for you !



Stay brave Marley!


Adele Millanta


Mel Keegan

All the best Marley! You are one brave little dude!


David & Mary Rawnsley

all the very best get better soon kind regards David & Mary


Michaela Fulton

Amazing Marley you little fighter!!


Toni Zuanic

I am so incredibly proud of you Marley as well as your family. The strength, love and bravery you have all shown is so admirable! Wishing you all the very best now and always! From Miss Toni and Zak 😊


Marley Enjakovic

My pocket money


Gaynor Alldritt

Wishing Marley every success & heartfelt wishes as he starts this unfortunate but hopefully successful journey. ALL THE BEST MATE!!!.. YOU’VE GOT THIS 👍💪❤️


Deanna Morgan

Well done Marley


Tanya Brooks

What a wonderful boy Marley is for raising funds for such a good cause. Sending you big hugs for Tuesday's surgery and Ryan can't wait to hit the footy field with you in the future Marley xx


Kym Thomas & Mikl

My Goodness I know the journey you guys have been on but reading it all again brings a tear, how scary it must have. You are all so brave especially you Marley man catch up soon lots luv 💙


Alan & Bec

Marley, we are looking forward to seeing you back hanging out with your best buddies. Lots of love to you all. Alan & Bec


Madi & Jack

I wished you can still play football with me and teach me. Love from Jack I’ll give you a Tik tok and hoop challenge at basketball when you get back home. Love Madi



I’m going to miss playing with you every day. Hope you feel better after your operation. I Love you bro Love Lachie


Tobi Messeiller

I can't believe this story. How strong you all are! Great job on the fundraiser. Hope healing on track. Go easy


Kyle Currie


Steven Currie

Hare Krishna ❤


Gt Grandpa & Glenys

A very brave little boy. Hoping for a speedy recovery. Sending you lots of love


Jennifer Gepp

Such a beautiful gesture i know you will reach your goal xx


Ollie Mckenna

Go Marley. What a great cause! Ollie 😊



What a great cause Marley ❤️ Wishing a smooth procedure and speedy recovery. Hope to see you back out on the court quicksmart xx


Rino D'angelo


Amanda Rogers

So proud of my family


Archie Sloan

Marley you are so brave & selfless! 💙 good work!




Brian Curtis

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