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I'm challenging myself to....

I am taking on a 21-day challenge to support patients who rely on the care of the Women’s and Children’s Health Network.

Your support could help to purchase state-of-the-art medical equipment, deliver our Laklinyeri Beach House Program, provide immediate emergency support to families in need, reduce distress and anxiety of patients through our extensive Arts in Health Program, and invest in vital medical research.

So far I have raised enough funds for*


of transport for vulnerable families to get to and from hospital

43 meals

for families experiencing financial hardship

13 sessions

with a Play Therapist to reduce stress and anxiety during their hospital stay

3 pumps

For a new mother to loan when feeding a premature baby

1 nights

at our Laklinyeri Beach House for families receiving end of life care for their child
*quantities are averages and are not measured as a collective

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My Updates

Huge thankyou to anonymous donor.

Thursday 26th Oct
Wow, someone very caring (and private) has anonymously topped up the bucket to bring in our target. Thankyou on behalf of the sick kids who can now receive more support through the WCH Foundation .

Challenge celebration

Sunday 22nd Oct
Lucky we completely survived this challenge as I forgot the updates on the blog! Enormous thanks to everyone who contributed to the fundraising. Proud as punch to be Jack's personal assistant and paparazzi!

Session 9 - a bit hit and miss

Friday 13th Oct
9/21 Started with practicing "middles". Normal position the dog sits between your feet safely sheltering from whatever is stressful. Jack drops, doing middles his way. I showed him the Canine Connect video of another trainee but he was certain his way was his way! I feel better because that's how he showed at boarding school last month. More front garden experience, removing him from frantic reaction- barking as the bin truck passed 8 times 😏.

Paws up

Thursday 12th Oct
8/21 - necessity drove part 1 : kelpie vs broom ! By putting Jack at drop (on lead) at place I was able to sweep (up to a point). Too close and he either barked at it (normal) or ran away. Enter skills learned at Canine Connect.... drop and duration . End result , floor swept and Jack calm(ish). Part 2 : review of Paws up , easier to get him in the car if he responds . Prepositions of place practiced - up, over, under, on and 'break'. All in the good cause for sick children through the wchfoundation - link below. https://fundraise.wchfoundation.org.au/fundraisers/vonnyarmstrong

I'm done!

Thursday 12th Oct
Enough says Jack🥹

One third down

Thursday 12th Oct
Jack seems to have had enough training in drop! 
We've been working on his reaction/excitement for passers-by on foot/bikes/cars.  Partway there.
The middle third could see some trick training for fun. Homework time for me to watch  the 'how to' videos. 

Lead on.

Saturday 7th Oct
I've already learned to Never underestimate the value of being on lead while in training mode.  Jack understands this is workshop time and is more attentive.
Day 2 : Drops (duration), bops (fun) and door manners (challenging).

Challenge 21 in 23 with Jack the kelpie

Thursday 5th Oct
We undertake to participate in 21 training sessions of approximately 15 minutes each. We have homework from his recent Board and Train with Canine Connect in Adelaide. 
We hope to motivate each other in our commitment to Cycle 4 Sam and WCHF .

Thank you to my Sponsors


Mel Inglis




Donald Armstrong


Sandi Cowan

Good luck Von & Jack.


Joanne Doody

Great work Vonny and Jack. Inspiration for persevering with training my own highly active and anxious kelpie cross ❤️


Mel Inglis


Canine Connect


Jane Deller

Hope you raise lots



Jacks a smart boy so should be an easy task. Look forward to seeing the progress.


Vonny Armstrong

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